Association between nocturnal hypoxemia and cancer incidence in patients investigated for obstructive sleep apnea.

Grégoire JUSTEAU, MD, Chloé Gervès-Pinquie, PhD, Marc Le Vaillant, PhD, Wojciech Trzepizur, MD, PhD, Nicole Meslier, MD, François Goupil, MD, Thierry PIGEANNE, MD, Sandrine LAUNOIS, MD, Laurène LECLAIR-VISONNEAU, MD, Philippe MASSON, MD, Acya BIZIEUX-THAMINY, MD, Marie-Pierre HUMEAU, MD, Christelle GOSSELIN, PhD, Margaux Blanchard, PhD, Thierry URBAN, MD, PhD, Frédéric GAGNADOUX, MD, PhD, on behalf of the ERMES Study Group,

CHEST 2020 (IF 8.308)